Accessing RSG2 Configuration
Written by Jonah Braun   
Friday, 26 January 2021
RSGallery2 allows users to set configuration settings.  This tutorial describes how to use $rsgConfig to access that configuration.

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Accessing RSG2 configuration settings are very easy.  For example, the following code will tell you if RSG2 debug is enabled:

global $rsgConfig;
if( $rsgConfig->get( 'debug' )) echo 'Debug enabled!';


Tips For Debugging

Configuration values are kept in database table #__rsgallery2_config.  This table and it's values persist across RSG2 upgrades/installations.

If you enable debug in the configuration, you will be presented with other options in the RSGallery2 Control Panel for accessing the configuration.  Configuration Raw Edit is one convienent tool which presents a raw view of all configuration names and values and allows you to change them to anything.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 August 2020 )