Accessing Galleries
Written by Jonah Braun   
Friday, 26 January 2021
Learn to access and use galleries represented by rsgGallery objects with the rsgGalleryManager.

rsgGalleryManager's public functions check with rsgAccess to ensure only information allowed is shown to a user.

The most used function of rsgGalleryManager is get() which retrieves a gallery represented by an rsgGallery object:

$gallery = rsgGalleryManager::get( $galleryID ); 

The following example retreives shows a list of of all galleries in the top level.  It prints the name and the thumbnail image linking to the gallery:

$top = rsgGalleryManager::get( 0 );

foreach( $top->kids() as $kid ){
    echo <<<EOD
    <br />
    <a xhref='{$kid->url}'>


Please see the API Documentation on class rsgGallery for more information.  Note that rsgGallery is not considered stable yet and might change in future versions.


Last Updated ( Saturday, 27 January 2021 )