Using Access Control in a Module
Written by Ronald Smit   
Sunday, 28 January 2021

In order to use Access Control in a module, some basic understanding of ACL is needed. If you haven't read the introduction on ACL , please do so now. If you did read it, continue.

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How to check if a user is permitted to perform an action?

The general statement to perform a check is:

$rsgAccess->checkGallery($action, $gallery_id );

You need to feed two variables to the checkGallery function to operate as intended. The first one is $action. This determines which action you are checking. There are 5 possible actions to check for:

'view',               //View gallery from frontend
'up_mod_img',         //Upload and modify images to gallery
'del_img',            //Delete images from gallery
'create_mod_gal',     //Create and modify galleries
'del_gal'             //Delete galleries

The second one is $gallery_id. This one is the id from the gallery, retrieved from the #__rsgallery2_galleries table.

The function returns true or false, depending on the setting in the backend for that specific gallery. 


Say for instance I would like to check if the logged in user is able to view a specific gallery, with id = 13.
The code for such a check would look like this:

if ( $rsgAccess->checkGallery('view', 13) )  {
    //Check returns True, do some stuff here
} else {
    //Check returns False, do some stuff here

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