#RSGallery2 2.00 July 24 #rsgallery2.html.php #RSShowPictures MAGIC NOT IMPLEMENTED YET=Magic not implemented yet #showMyGalleries FEATURE NOT IMPLEMENTED YET=Feature not implemented yet #function showUserGallery YOU MUST PROVIDE A GALLERY NAME.=You must provide a gallery name. YOU MUST PROVIDE A DESCRIPTION.=You must provide a description. ** YOU NEED TO SELECT A PARENT GALLERY **=** You need to select a parent gallery ** CREATE GALLERY=Create Gallery SAVE=Save CANCEL=Cancel TOP GALLERY=Top gallery GALLERY NAME=Gallery name DESCRIPTION=Description PUBLISHED=Published #function edit_image EDIT IMAGE=Edit image CATEGORY NAME=Category name FILENAME=Filename TITLE=Title DESCRIPTION=Description #function showFrontUpload YOU MUST SELECT A GALLERY.=You must select a gallery. YOU MUST PROVIDE A FILE TO UPLOAD.=You must provide a file to upload. ADD IMAGE=Add Image USER UPLOAD=User Upload GALLERY=Gallery FILENAME=Filename TITLE=Title THUMB:=Thumb: #function RSGalleryInline THE MOVIE SHOULD APPEAR HERE.=The movie should appear here. NO IMAGES IN GALLERY=No images in gallery SLIDESHOW=Slideshow HITS=Hits NO DESCRIPTION=No Description VOTING=Voting VOTES=Votes AVERAGE VOTE=Average Vote NO RATINGS YET!=No Ratings Yet! VOTE=Vote EXIF=EXIF SECTION=Section VALUE=Value # any EXIF key/name/value can be translated here as well #function RSGalleryTitleblock MAIN GALLERY PAGE=Main gallery page MY GALLERIES=My galleries EXIT SLIDESHOW=Exit slideshow GALLERY=Gallery #function subGalleryList IMAGES= Images SUB GALLERIES:=Sub galleries: #function showMyGalleries MY GALLERIES=My galleries GALLERY=Gallery PUBLISHED=Published DELETE=Delete EDIT=Edit PERMISSIONS=Permissions NO USER GALLERIES CREATED=No User Galleries created _DELCAT_TEXT=Are you sure you want to delete this gallery?\\nIf this gallery still holds images, these will be deleted as well. #function showMyImages MY IMAGES=My Images NAME=Name NO IMAGES IN USER GALLERIES=No images in user galleries #function RSGalleryUserInfo USER INFORMATION=User information USERNAME=Username USER LEVEL=User level MAXIMUM USERGALLERIES=Maximum usergalleries CREATED)=created) MAXIMUM IMAGES ALLOWED=Maximum images allowed UPLOADED)=uploaded) #function myGalleries USER GALLERIES WAS DISABLED BY THE ADMINISTRATOR.=User galleries was disabled by the administrator. #function showRandom RANDOM IMAGES=Random images #function showLatest LATEST IMAGES=Latest images #rsgallery2.php #function my_galleries USER GALLERIES ARE DISABLED BY ADMINISTRATOR=User galleries are disabled by administrator UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS ATTEMPT TO MY GALLERIES!=Unauthorized access attempt to My Galleries! #function save_image DETAILS SAVED SUCCESFULLY=Details saved succesfully ERROR: =Error: #function viewChangelog FEATURE ONLY AVAILABLE IN DEBUG MODE.=Feature only available in Debug mode. #function delete_image _USERIMAGE_NOTOWNER=You are not the owner of this image, taking you back to the main screen IMAGE IS DELETED=Image is deleted NO ID PROVIDED. CONTACT COMPONENT DEVELOPER=No Id provided. Contact component developer #function addVote THANK YOU FOR VOTING=Thank you for voting YOUR VOTE HAS FAILED=Your vote has failed #function deleteComment COMMENT DELETED SUCCESFULLY!=Comment deleted succesfully! COMMENT COULD NOT BE DELETED=Comment could not be deleted #function addComment PLEASE ENTER NAME AND/OR COMMENT!=Please enter name and/or comment! COMMENT SUCCESFULLY ADDED!=Comment succesfully added! COMMENT NOT ADDED!=Comment not added! #function makeusercat GALLERY DETAILS UPDATED!=Gallery details updated! COULD NOT UPDATE GALLERY DETAILS!=Could not update gallery details! _MAX_USERCAT_ALERT=Maximum number of galleries already reached, taking you back to main screen NEW GALLERY CREATED!=New gallery created! _ALERT_NONEWCAT=Gallery could not be created!\\nWe wil take you back to the previous screen. #function delUserCat _USERCAT_SUBCATS=This gallery is containing subcategories and cannot be deleted. If you want to delete this gallery, first move or delete subcategories GALLERY COULD NOT BE DELETED!=Gallery could not be deleted! GALLERY DELETED!=Gallery deleted! #function doFrontUpload MAXIMUM NUMBER OF IMAGES UPLOADED REACHED. DELETE SOME IMAGES FIRST.=Maximum number of images uploaded reached. Delete some images first. _BATCH_ERROR_SIZE=ZIP-file is too big to upload. Your upload limit(defined in php.ini) is ITEM UPLOADED SUCCESFULLY!=Item uploaded succesfully! UPLOAD FAILED.\\NBACK TO UPLOADSCREEN=Upload failed.\\nBack to uploadscreen WRONG IMAGE FORMAT.\\NWE WILL REDIRECT YOU TO THE UPLOAD SCREEN=Wrong image format.\\nWe will redirect you to the upload screen #admin.rsgallery2.html.php GALLERIES=Galleries MOST RECENTLY ADDED GALLERIES=Most recently added galleries GALLERY=Gallery USER=User ID=ID ITEMS=Items MOST RECENTLY ADDED ITEMS=Most recently added items DATE=Date CREDITS=Credits INSTALLED VERSION=Installed version LICENSE=License JAVA UPLOADER=Java uploader MAINTENANCE=Maintenance #Cpanel CONFIGURATION=Configuration UPLOAD=Upload BATCH UPLOAD=Batch upload MANAGE ITEMS=Manage Items MANAGE GALLERIES=Manage Galleries CONSOLIDATE DATABASE=Consolidate database MIGRATION OPTIONS=Migration options EDIT CSS=Edit CSS C_DEBUG_ON=Advanced Debug Options. Debug mode is set in the configuration. ADVANCED SEF(ALL CATEGORY NAMES AND ITEM TITLES MUST BE UNIQUE)=Advanced SEF (all category names and item titles must be unique) PURGE/DELETE EVERYTHING=Purge/Delete everything C_REALLY_UNINSTALL=REALLY Uninstall - Deletes all images, directories, drops all tables. Only on Linux with default directories. CONFIG - VIEW=Config - View CONFIG - RAW EDIT=Config - Raw Edit #function showInstallForm UPLOAD PACKAGE FILE=Upload Package File PACKAGE FILE:=Package File: #function showInstallMessage CONTINUE ...=Continue ... #function requestCatCreation CREATE A CATEGORY FIRST!=Create a category first! #function batch_upload ZIP-UPLOAD SELECTED BUT NO FILE CHOSEN=ZIP-upload selected but no file chosen IS NOT A VALID ARCHIVE FORMAT. ONLY ZIP-FILES ARE ALLOWED!= is not a valid archive format. Only ZIP-files are allowed! PLEASE CHOOSE A CATEGORY FIRST=Please choose a category first FTP UPLOAD CHOSEN BUT NO FTP-PATH PROVIDED=FTP upload chosen but no FTP-path provided STEP 1=Step 1 SPECIFY UPLOAD METHOD=Specify upload method _BATCH_METHOD_TIP=Choose whether you want to upload a single file, a ZIP-file or upload a complete directory ZIP-FILE=ZIP-file UPLOAD LIMIT IS =Upload limit is MEGABYTES (SET IN PHP.INI)= Megabytes (set in php.ini) FTP-PATH=FTP-path (DON'T FORGET STARTING AND TRAILING SLASH)=(Don't forget starting and trailing slash) SPECIFY GALLERY=Specify gallery YES, ALL ITEMS IN =Yes, all items in NO, SPECIFY GALLERY PER IMAGE IN STEP 2=No, specify gallery per image in step 2 NEXT -->=Next --> DELETE=Delete TITLE=Title GALLERY=Gallery UPLOAD=Upload _BATCH_FTP_PATH_OVERL=Please make sure the FTP path is within the webroot. It cannot be on another server! Also, end with a trailing slash. ALL IMAGES MUST BE A PART OF A CATEGORY.=All images must be part of a category. #function editImage EDIT IMAGE PROPERTIES=Edit image properties TITLE=Title TABLE=Table FLOAT=Float MAGIC(NOT SUPPORTED YET!)=Magic(not supported yet!) LEFT TO RIGHT=Left to Right RIGHT TO LEFT=Right to Left PROPORTIONAL=Proportional SQUARE=SQUARE DEFAULT SIZE=Default Size RESIZE LARGER PICS=Resize larger pics RESIZE SMALLER PICS=Resize smaller pics RESIZE PICS TO FIT=Resize pics to fit TOP LEFT=Top left TOP CENTER=Top Center TOP RIGHT=Top right LEFT=Left CENTER=Center RIGHT=Right BOTTOM LEFT=Bottom left BOTTOM CENTER=Bottom center BOTTOM RIGHT=Bottom right POPUP STYLE=Popup style NO POPUP=No popup NORMAL POPUP=Normal popup FANCY POPUP (ERRORS IN IE6!)=Fancy popup (Errors in IE6!) #function showconfig (FREETYPE LIBRARY INSTALLED, WATERMARK IS POSSIBLE)=(Freetype library installed, watermark is possible) (FREETYPE LIBRARY NOT INSTALLED! WATERMARK DOES NOT WORK)=(Freetype library NOT installed! Watermark does not work) GENERAL=General IMAGES=Images DISPLAY=Display PERMISSIONS=Permissions NEVER=Never IF MORE GALLERIES THAN LIMIT=If more galleries than limit ALWAYS=Always #function showUploadStep1 PICK A GALLERY=Pick a gallery #function showUploadStep2 STEP 2=Step 2 NUMBER OF UPLOADS=Number of uploads #function showUploadStep3 STEP 3=Step 3 IMAGE=Image GALLERY NAME=Gallery name FILE=File #function viewImages NO PREVIEW AVAILABLE=No preview available DELETE=Delete MOVE TO=Move To COPY=Copy DISPLAY #=Display # SEARCH=Search NAME=Name FILENAME=Filename GALLERY=Gallery HITS=Hits DATE UPLOAD=Date upload REORDER=Reorder PLEASE MAKE A SELECTION FROM THE LIST TO DELETE=Please make a selection from the list to delete ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE SELECTED ITEMS? =Are you sure you want to delete selected items? PLEASE MAKE A SELECTION FROM THE LIST TO MOVE=Please make a selection from the list to move PLEASE SELECT A GALLERY FROM THE LIST TO MOVE IMAGES TO=Please select a gallery from the list to move images to ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO MOVE SELECTED ITEMS?=Are you sure you want to move selected items? MOVE UP=Move Up MOVE DOWN=Move Down #function showTemplates TEMPLATE MANAGER=Template Manager RSGALLERY2=RSGallery2 PREVIEW TEMPLATE=Preview Template #function consolidateDbGo IN
database DISPLAY
folder THUMB
folder ACTION=Action [ DELETE FROM DATABASE ]=[ Delete from database ] [ CREATE MISSING IMAGES ]=[ Create missing images ] [ CREATE DATABASE ENTRY ]=[ Create Database entry ] [ DELETE IMAGES ]=[ Delete images ] NO INCONSISTENCIES IN DATABASE=No inconsistencies in database _CONSDB_NOTICE= NOTICE:
The Consolidate Database feature is mostly operational. The feature 'Create Database Entry' is also added.
Notice however that you cannot add Multiple entries to the database. For now, you'll have to add them one by one! NOT WORKING YET=Not working yet DELETE FROM FILESYSTEM=Delete from filesystem CREATE MISSING IMAGES=Create missing images CREATE DATABASE ENTRIES=Create database entries IMAGE IN FOLDER=Image in folder IMAGE NOT IN FOLDER=Image NOT in folder #admin.rsgallery2.php CONFIGURATION=Configuration CONTROL PANEL=Control Panel EDIT=Edit UPLOAD=Upload INSTALL AND MIGRATE=Install and Migrate UPLOAD ZIP-FILE=Upload ZIP-file CONSOLIDATE DATABASE=Consolidate database CHANGELOG=Changelog CONFIGURATION VARIABLES=Configuration Variables CONFIGURATION RAW EDIT=Configuration Raw Edit MISSING IMAGES CREATED=Missing images created #function config_rawEdit_save CONFIGURATION SAVED=Configuration Saved ERROR SAVING CONFIGURATION=Error Saving Configuration CREATING IMAGE DIRECTORIES NOT IMPLEMENTED YET.=Creating Image directories not Implemented yet. #function RSInstall MIGRATION SUCCESSFUL=migration successful #function purgeEverything PURGED IMAGE ENTRIES FROM DATABASE.=purged image entries from database. PURGED GALLERIES FROM DATABASE.=purged galleries from database. PURGED CONFIG FROM DATABASE.=purged config from database. PURGED COMMENTS FROM DATABASE.=purged comments from database. REMOVING THUMB IMAGES.=removing thumb images. REMOVING DISPLAY IMAGES.=removing display images. REMOVING ORIGINAL IMAGES.=removing original images. PURGED.=purged. #function reallyUninstall USED RM -R TO ATTEMPT TO REMOVE JPATH_SITE/IMAGES/RSGALLERY=Used rm -r to attempt to remove JPATH_SITE/images/rsgallery DROPED #__RSGALLERY2_FILES=DROPed #__rsgallery2_files DROPED #__RSGALLERY2_GALLERIES=DROPed #__rsgallery2_galleries DROPED #__RSGALLERY2_CONFIG=DROPed #__rsgallery2_config DROPED #__RSGALLERY2_COMMENTS=DROPed #__rsgallery2_comments _REAL_UNINST_DONE=Done. Manually remove anything above if there is an error. You should uninstall RSGallery2 right NOW or you will recieve errors. #function deleteImage IMAGE(S) DELETED SUCCESFULLY!=Image(s) deleted succesfully! #function c_delete IMAGE(S) WERE NOT DELETED!=Image(s) were not deleted! #function copy_image ITEM(S) COPIED SUCCESSFULLY!=Item(s) copied successfully! REST OF THE ITEMS COPIED SUCCESSFULLY!=Rest of the items copied successfully! #function c_create NO FILEINFORMATION FOUND. THIS SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!=No fileinformation found. This should never happen! #function db_create NO GALLERY CHOSEN TO PLACE IMAGE IN!=No gallery chosen to place image in! IMAGES SUCCESFULLY ADDED TO THE DATABASE!=Images succesfully added to the database! IMAGES COULD NOT BE ADDED TO THE DATABASE!=Images could NOT be added to the database! #function save_batchupload _ALERT_NOCATSELECTED=Please select gallery for ALL images!\\n(Also for images that will be deleted.\\nnThis will be corrected in future version!) ZIP-FILE IS TOO BIG!=ZIP-file is too big! #function myPreExtractCallBack IS NOT AN ALLOWED FILETYPE, IT WILL BE DELETED!=is not an allowed filetype, it will be deleted! _BATCH_ERROR_FTP1=The directory you have chosen, does not exist.\\n You will be taken back to the upload screen. #function showUpload THE REST OF YOUR FILES WERE UPLOADED FINE=the rest of your files were uploaded fine #function saveImage DETAILS UPDATED SUCCESFULLY!=Details updated succesfully! DETAILS NOT UPDATED!=Details not updated! #function showConfig GD2 NOT DETECTED=GD2 not detected IMAGEMAGICK NOT DETECTED=ImageMagick not detected NETPBM NOT DETECTED=netPBM not detected #function viewImages VIEW GALLERY=View Gallery - ALL GALLERIES=- All Galleries SELECT GALLERY=Select Gallery #function consolidateDbInform CONSOLIDATE_DB=The 'Consolidate Database' function performs a check on the RSGallery database tables and the physical image files in the gallery directory, and generates a report based on discrepancies found. The user will then have the option of adding or deleting database entries or physical image files to maintain consistency in the galleries.

This function should also be run if any additions or deletions are done to any image files contained within the gallery directory. EG. A user can FTP additional image files into the gallery subdirectory and then call this function to update the database.

Please chose 'Proceed' or 'Cancel' below. No changes will occur until the user confirms them.
PROCEED=Proceed #function editTemplateCSS OPERATION FAILED: COULD NOT OPEN=Operation Failed: Could not open OPERATION FAILED: THE FILE IS NOT WRITABLE.=Operation failed: The file is not writable. OPERATION FAILED: FAILED TO OPEN FILE FOR WRITING.=Operation failed: Failed to open file for writing. #function editCSSSource RSGALLERY2 CSS EDITOR=RSgallery2 CSS Editor RSGALLERY2.CSS IS :=RSgallery2.css is : WRITEABLE=Writeable UNWRITEABLE=Unwriteable MAKE UNWRITEABLE AFTER SAVING=Make unwriteable after saving OVERRIDE WRITE PROTECTION WHILE SAVING=Override write protection while saving #function uploadFile FAILED TO CHANGE THE PERMISSIONS OF THE UPLOADED FILE.=Failed to change the permissions of the uploaded file. FAILED TO MOVE UPLOADED FILE TO /MEDIA DIRECTORY.=Failed to move uploaded file to /media directory. UPLOAD FAILED AS /MEDIA DIRECTORY IS NOT WRITABLE.=Upload failed as /media directory is not writable. UPLOAD FAILED AS /MEDIA DIRECTORY DOES NOT EXIST.=Upload failed as /media directory does not exist. #config.rsgallery2.php #function toString - ERROR IMAGE UPLOAD : = - Error Image Upload : #function showCategories - SELECT GALLERY -=- Select gallery - #function galleriesSelectList TOP=Top #function showRating NO RATING=No rating #function newImages NEW!=New! #function latestCats NO NEW ENTRIES=No new entries #function writeWarningBox NO_IMGLIBRARY=There was no available image libray detected! Please contact your hosting provider to install GD2 or check the forums to install either ImageMagick or NETPBM! IS NOT WRITABLE!= is NOT writable! FOLDER_NOTEXIST= does NOT exist! Please create this folder and make sure you CHMOD the folder to 0755! THE FOLLOWING SETTINGS PREVENT RSGALLERY2 FROM WORKING WITHOUT ERRORS:=The following settings prevent RSGallery2 from working without errors: REFRESH=Refresh #function writeDownloadLink DOWNLOAD=Download #function writeGalleryStatus YOU ARE THE OWNER OF THIS GALLERY=You are the owner of this gallery YOU CAN UPLOAD IN THIS GALLERY=You can upload in this gallery THIS GALLERY IS NOT PUBLISHED=This gallery is NOT published #install.rsgallery2.php #function com_install MIGRATING FROM RSGALLERY2 =Migrating from RSGallery2 SUCCESS. NOW USING RSGALLERY2 =Success. Now using RSGallery2 FAILURE: =Failure: #toolbar.rsgallery2.html.php CLOSE=Close CPANEL=CPanel GALLERIES=Galleries IMAGES=Images UPLOAD=Upload NEXT=Next DELETE=Delete CONFIRM REMOVAL=Confirm removal RESET HITS=Reset hits #config.html VERSION:=Version: INTRODUCTION TEXT:=Introduction Text: DEBUG:=Debug: HIDE ROOT (CREATE MULTIPLE INDEPENDANT GALLERIES)=Hide Root (create multiple independant galleries) IMAGE MANIPULATION=Image Manipulation DISPLAY PICTURE WIDTH:=Display Picture Width: THUMBNAIL WIDTH:=Thumbnail Width: THUMBNAIL STYLE:=Thumbnail Style: JPEG QUALITY PERCENTAGE=JPEG Quality Percentage GRAPHICS LIBRARY=Graphics Library NOTE=Note: LEAVE THE FOLLOWING FIELDS EMPTY UNLESS YOU HAVE PROBLEMS.=Leave the following fields empty unless you have problems. IMAGEMAGICK PATH:=ImageMagick Path: NETPBM PATH:=Netpbm Path: FTP PATH:=FTP Path: VIDEO CONVERTER PATH:=Video converter path: VIDEO CONVERTER PARAMETERS:=Video converter parameters: THUMBNAIL EXTRACTION PARAMETERS:=Thumbnail extraction parameters: VIDEO OUTPUT TYPE:=Video output type: IMAGE STORAGE=Image Storage KEEP ORIGINAL IMAGE:=Keep original image: ORIGINAL IMAGE PATH:=Original Image Path: DISPLAY IMAGE PATH:=Display Image Path: THUMB PATH:=Thumb Path: CREATE DIRECTORIES IF THEY DON'T EXIST:=Create directories if they don't exist: FRONT PAGE=Front Page DISPLAY RANDOM=Display Random DISPLAY LATEST=Display Latest DISPLAY BRANDING=Display Branding DISPLAY DOWNLOADLINK=Display Downloadlink IMAGE WATERMARK. BUGGY, DO NOT USE ON PRODUCTIONS SITES.=Image Watermark. Buggy, do not use on productions sites. DISPLAY WATERMARK=Display Watermark WATERMARK TEXT=Watermark text WATERMARK FONT SIZE=Watermark font size WATERMARK TEXT ANGLE=Watermark text angle WATERMARK POSITION=Watermark position GALLERY VIEW=Gallery View THUMBNAIL STYLE:
Use float for variable width templates. DIRECTION (ONLY WORKS FOR FLOAT):=Direction (only works for float): NUMBER OF THUMBNAIL COLUMNS (ONLY FOR TABLE):=Number of Thumbnail Columns (only for table): THUMBNAILS PER PAGE:=Thumbnails per Page: DISPLAY SLIDESHOW=Display Slideshow DISPLAY OWNER INFORMATION=Display Owner Information DISPLAY NUMBER OF ITEMS IN GALLERY=Display number of items in gallery DISPLAY CREATION DATE=Display creation date IMAGE DISPLAY=Image Display RESIZE OPTION=Resize Option DISPLAY DESCRIPTION=Display Description DISPLAY HITS=Display Hits DISPLAY VOTING=Display Voting DISPLAY COMMENTS=Display Comments DISPLAY EXIF DATA=Display EXIF Data ENABLE USER UPLOADS?=Enable User Uploads? ONLY REGISTERED USERS=Only Registered Users CAN USER CREATE GALLERIES?=Can user create galleries? MAXIMUM NUMBER OF GALLERIES A USER CAN HAVE:=Maximum number of galleries a user can have: MAX NUMBERS OF PICTURES A USER CAN HAVE:=Max numbers of pictures a user can have: SHOW IMAGE NAME BELOW THUMBNAIL:=Show image name below thumbnail: ACCESS CONTROL SETTINGS=Access Control Settings ENABLE ACCESS CONTROL=Enable Access Control SHOW MY GALLERIES=Show My Galleries USER SPECIFIC SETTINGS=User specific settings DISPLAY STATUS ICONS=Display Status Icons GENERAL SETTINGS=General settings HTML-ROOT IS=HTML-root is DISPLAY GALLERY LIMITBOX=Display gallery limitbox DEFAULT NUMBER OF GALLERIES ON FRONTPAGE=Default number of galleries on frontpage FONT=Font WATERMARK TRANSPARENCY=Watermark transparency ALLOWED FILETYPES=Allowed filetypes RESIZE PORTRAIT IMAGES BY HEIGHT USING DISPLAY PICTURE WIDTH:=Resize portrait images by height using Display Picture Width: IMAGE ORDER=Image order ORDER IMAGES BY=Order images by ORDER DIRECTION=Order direction DEFAULT=Default DATE=Date NAME=Name RATING=Rating HITS=Hits ASCENDING=Ascending DESCENDING=Descending #Commenting COMMENTS=Comments COMMENTING ENABLED=Commenting enabled ALLOW PUBLIC USERS TO COMMENT=Allow public users to comment USER CAN ONLY COMMENT ONCE=User can only comment once #Voting VOTING=Voting VOTING ENABLED=Voting enabled REGISTERED USERS ONLY=Registered users only USER CAN ONLY VOTE ONCE(COOKIE BASED)=User can only vote once(cookie based) COOKIE PREFIX=Cookie prefix #galleries.class.php #function check THERE IS A GALLERY ALREADY WITH THAT NAME, PLEASE TRY AGAIN.=There is a gallery already with that name, please try again. #galleries.html.php #function show GALLERY MANAGER=Gallery Manager MAX LEVELS=Max Levels FILTER=Filter NAME=Name REORDER=Reorder # ITEMS=# Items HITS=Hits #function edit GALLERY=Gallery DETAILS=Details DESCRIPTION=Description PARENT ITEM=Parent Item GALLERY THUMBNAIL=Gallery thumbnail ORDERING=Ordering PUBLISHED=Published PARAMETERS=Parameters OWNER=Owner PERMISSIONS=Permissions GAL_DEF_PERM_CREATE=Default permissions are created.
After creating the gallery, you can come back to edit the gallery permissions. GAL_NO_PERM_FOUND=No permissions found for this gallery. Click on the SAVE button in the toolbar above to create default permissions. After that, come back here and set permissions. USERTYPE=Usertype VIEW
images DELETE IMAGE=Delete Image MODIFY
Gallery DELETE
Gallery PUBLIC=Public REGISTERED=Registered  SELECT/DESELECT ALL= Select/Deselect All ORDER=Order #install.class.php #function echo_values THUMBDIRECTORY IS:=Thumbdirectory is: #function changeMenuIcon MENU IMAGE RSGALLERY2 SUCCESFULLY CHANGED=Menu Image RSGallery2 succesfully changed MENU IMAGE COULD NOT BE CHANGED=Menu image could not be changed #function createDirStructure ALREADY EXISTS= already exists IS CREATED= is created COULD NOT BE CREATED= could not be created #function createTableStructure DATABASE TABLES CREATED SUCCESFULLY.=Database tables created succesfully. #function copyFiles FILE COPIED FROM =File copied from TO = to CANNOT COPY FILE FROM =cannot copy file from DIRECTORY CREATED: =Directory created: CANNOT CREATE DIRECTORY =cannot create directory #function deleteGalleryDir PROCESSING: =Processing: DIRECTORY STRUCTURE DELETED!=Directory structure deleted! DELETING OLD DIRECTORY STRUCTURE FAILED.=Deleting old directory structure failed. NO OLD DIRECTORY STRUCTURE FOUND. LET'S CONTINUE=No old directory structure found. Let's continue #function checkDirPerms PERMS_NOT_EXIST= Does not exist. Please create manually through FTP and check permissions PERMS_NOT_SET= was found, but correct permissions(777) could not be set.\nPermissions are currently set at .
Please try to correct these permissions though FTP WAS FOUND, PERMISSIONS ARE OK.= was found, permissions are OK. #function installComplete INSTALLATION OF RSGALLERY IS COMPLETED=Installation of RSGallery is completed INSTALL_STATUS_MSGS=If there are any status messages that need attention, please do so now, before going to the Control Panel. #function deleteTable IS DELETED= is deleted COULD NOT BE DELETED.
DELETE MANUALLY.= could not be deleted.
Delete manually. #function migrateOldFiles MIGRATE_NOT_ALL=Not all file information was migrated to RSGallery2 database, due to unknown reasons( OUT OF = out of ENTRIES PROCESSED)= entries processed) ALL FILE INFORMATION MIGRATED TO RSGALLERY2 DATABASE(=All file information migrated to RSGallery2 database( #function migrateOldCats MIGRATE_NOT_ALL_GAL=Not all gallery information was migrated to RSGallery2 database, due to unknown reasons( ALL GALLERY INFORMATION MIGRATED TO RSGALLERY2 DATABASE(=All gallery information migrated to RSGallery2 database( FILES SUCCESFULLY COPIED TO NEW STRUCTURE=Files succesfully copied to new structure THERE WERE ERRORS COPYING FILES TO THE NEW STRUCTURE=There were errors copying files to the new structure MIGRATION OF ZOOM GALLERY COMPLETED. GOTO THE CONTROL PANEL.=migration of Zoom Gallery completed. Goto the Control Panel. #function upgradeInstall UPGRADE FROM RSGALLERY=Upgrade from RSGallery UPGRADE_REC_FULL=Component found, but no version information available.
Full install is recommended. ORIGINAL FILES SUCCESFULLY TRANSFERED=Original files succesfully transfered UPGRADE_FILES_TRANF_ERROR=There were errors transferring original files to the new structure.\nPlease check via FTP THUMB FILES SUCCESFULLY TRANSFERED=Thumb files succesfully transfered UPGRADE_THUMB_TRANF_ERROR=There were errors transferring thumb files to the new structure.
Please check via FTP DISPLAY IMAGES CREATED SUCCESFULLY.=Display images created succesfully. UPGRADE_DISP_CREATE_ERROR=Failed to create some or all of the display images.
Contact the developers of this component. TABLE =Table IS SUCCESFULLY ALTERED= is succesfully altered IS NOT SUCCESFULLY ALTERED= is NOT succesfully altered IS SUCCESFULLY RENAMED= is succesfully renamed IS NOT RENAMED= is NOT renamed UPGRADE_DUMMY_ERROR=Error creating dummy tables. Uninstall of RSGallery 2.0 beta 5 might not work. UPGRADE_NOT_POSSIBLE=Upgrade not possible.No upgradable RSGallery found\nFull install is recommended. UPGRADE_SUCCESS=Upgrade to RSGallery2 is completed.\nYou can now safely uninstall the old RSGallery #function showMigrationOptions MIGRATION=Migration NO OTHER GALLERYSYSTEMS INSTALLED=No other gallerysystems installed #function doMigration IS NOT A VALID MIGRATION TYPE.=is not a valid migration type. #uninstall.rsgallery2.php #function com_uninstall UNINSTALLED SUCCESFULLY=Uninstalled succesfully #slideshow.rsgallery2.php START=Start STOP=Stop NEXT=Next PREVIOUS=Previous #images.html.php #function showImages ITEM MANAGER=Item Manager FILTER:=Filter: COPY/MOVE:=Copy/Move: TITLE (FILENAME)=Title (filename) ORDER=Order DATE & TIME=Date & time EDIT IMAGES=Edit Images #function editImage ITEM=Item DETAILS=Details ORDERING=Ordering ITEM PREVIEW=Item preview PARAMETERS=Parameters LINKS TO IMAGE=Links to image #function uploadImage YOU MUST SELECT A GALLERY.=You must select a gallery. NO FILE WAS SELECTED IN ONE OR MORE FIELDS.=No file was selected in one or more fields. UPLOAD=Upload UPLOAD DETAILS=Upload details UPLOAD GALLERY=Upload Gallery GENERIC DESCRIPTION=Generic Description ITEM FILES=Item files ITEMS=Items FILE=File (MORE FILES)=(more files) #access.class.php #function checkGallery ACL_NO_PERM_FOUND=No permissions were found, so default permissions were created. Please try again. #tables/display.class.php #function _showGalleryDetails OWNER=Owner: SIZE=Size: CREATED=Created: SUBGALLERIES=Subgalleries: UPLOADED=Uploaded IMAGES=Images #file.utils.php #function importImage NOT A SUPPORTED FILE TYPE.= not a supported file type. #function move_uploadedFile_to_orignalDir COULD NOT COPY =could not copy IMAGE TO: = image to: #function preHandlerCheck EXISTS, BUT IS NOT WRITABLE!= exists, but is not Writable! DOES NOT EXIST!= does not exist! #function cleanMediaDir APPARENTLY =Apparently DOES NOT EXIT=does not exit #function handleFTP FU_FTP_DIR_NOT_EXIST= does not exist or is no directory on your server. Please check the path. NO VALID IMAGES FOUND IN =No valid images found in . PLEASE CHECK THE PATH.=. Please check the path. NO FILES FOUND TO PROCESS!=No files found to process! THE UPLOADED FILE EXCEEDS THE UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE DIRECTIVE =The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive IN PHP.INI.= in php.ini. FU_MAX_FILESIZE_FORM=The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form. THE UPLOADED FILE WAS ONLY PARTIALLY UPLOADED.=The uploaded file was only partially uploaded. NO FILE WAS UPLOADED.=No file was uploaded. MISSING A TEMPORARY FOLDER.=Missing a temporary folder. FAILED TO WRITE FILE TO DISK=Failed to write file to disk FILE UPLOAD STOPPED BY EXTENSION=File upload stopped by extension UNKNOWN FILE ERROR=Unknown File Error #rsgcomments.class.php #function showButtons -COLOR-=-color- AQUA=aqua BLACK=black BLUE=blue FUCHSIA=fuchsia GRAY=gray GREEN=green LIME=lime MAROON=maroon NAVY=navy OLIVE=olive PURPLE=purple RED=red SILVER=silver TEAL=teal WHITE=white YELLOW=yellow -SIZE-=-size- TINY=tiny SMALL=small MEDIUM=medium LARGE=large HUGE=huge #function parseQuoteElement WROTE=Wrote QUOTE=Quote CODE=Code #function editComment ADD COMMENT=Add comment YOUR NAME=Name TITLE=Title COMMENT TEXT=Comment text #function showComments ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE THIS COMMENT?=Are you sure you want to delete the comment? COMMENTS=Comments COMMENTS ADDED= comments added DELETE COMMENT=Delete Comment COMMENTS_SEC_IMG_MISS=SecurityImages selected in backend, but component not installed! Notify the webmaster NO COMMENTS YET!=No comments yet! YOU SHOULD ENTER YOUR NAME=You should enter your name NO COMMENT ENTERED=No comment entered #rsgcomments.php COMMENT DELETED SUCCESFULLY=Comment deleted succesfully YOU MUST LOGIN TO COMMENT.=You must login to comment. #rsgcomments.php COMMENTING IS DISABLED=Commenting is disabled ENTER WHAT YOU SEE IN THE IMAGE ABOVE:=Enter what you see in the image above: INCORRECT CAPTCHA CHECK, COMMENT IS NOT SAVED!=Incorrect CAPTCHA check, comment is NOT saved! COMMENT ADDED SUCCESFULLY!=Comment added succesfully! COMMENT COULD NOT BE ADDED!=Comment could not be added! #rsgvoting.class.php ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO VOTE?=Are you sure you want to vote? RATING=Rating VOTE=Vote  VOTES= votes RATE THIS ITEM 1 OUT OF 5=Rate this item 1 out of 5 RATE THIS ITEM 2 OUT OF 5=Rate this item 2 out of 5 RATE THIS ITEM 3 OUT OF 5=Rate this item 3 out of 5 RATE THIS ITEM 4 OUT OF 5=Rate this item 4 out of 5 RATE THIS ITEM 5 OUT OF 5=Rate this item 5 out of 5 #rsgvoting.php VOTING IS DISABLED!=Voting is disabled! YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO VOTE!=You are not authorized to vote! YOU ALREADY VOTED FOR THIS ITEM!=You already voted for this item! VOTE COULD NOT BE ADDED TO THE DATABASE!=Vote could not be added to the database! VOTE ADDED TO DATABASE!=Vote added to database! #templates.php #function viewTemplates INSTALL NEW RSGTEMPLATE [ SITE ]=Install new RSGTemplate [ Site ] INSTALL=Install MANAGE=Manage GENERAL=General CSS=CSS HTML=HTML # more to do here, but to come #templates.html.php NAME=Name ACTIVE=Active AUTHOR=Author VERSION=Version DATE=Date AUTHOR URL=Author URL #rsgsearch.html.php RSGALLERY2 SEARCH RESULTS=RSGallery2 Search Results THERE ARE =There are RESULTS FOR = results for SEARCH=Search KEYWORDS=Keywords MAINT_HEADER=Maintenance MAINT_CONSOLDB=Consolidate Database MAINT_CONSOLDB_TXT=This option will perform a complete check on the database and filesystem, to see if there are any discrepancies. MAINT_REGEN=Regenerate Thumbnails MAINT_REGEN_TXT=This option will regenerate thumbnails, based on the current settings of thumbnail dimensions. If you have changed these recently, this is probably a good idea. MAINT_OPTDB=Optimise Database MAINT_OPTDB_TXT=This option will perform a complete check on the 2 database tables, optimizing them when needed. MAINT_REGEN_BUTTON=Regenerate MAINT_OPTIMIZE_SUCCESS=Tables optimised succesfully MAINT_NO_GALLERY_SELECTED=No gallery selected MAINT_NO_THUMBSIZE_CHANGE=Thumbnail size did not change. Regeneration NOT needed MAINT_REGEN_ERRORS=Errors were found when regenerating. Please check the thumbs MAINT_REGEN_NO_ERRORS=Regeneration completed succesfully MAINT_REGEN_ONLY_THUMB=Only thumb is available, so no other images can be generated! MAINT_REGEN_SUCCESS= succesfully created #config.html.php WATERMARKED IMAGE PATH:=Watermarked image path #maintenance.html.php [ DELETE FROM DATABASE ]=Delete from database [ CREATE MISSING IMAGES ]=Create missing images #maintenance.php RSGALLERY_MAINT_OPTIMIZE_SUCCESS=Database optimisation succeeded #default_form.php INSTALL FROM DIRECTORY=Install from directory INSTALL DIRECTORY=Install directory INSTALL FROM URL=Install from URL INSTALL URL=Install URL UPLOAD FILE=Upload File #view.php RSG2 CONTROL PANEL=RSG2 Control Panel RSGALLERY2 TEMPLATE MANAGER=RSGallery2 Template Manager #default.php DESCTEMPLATES =List of templates #various files ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO DELETE THIS IMAGE?=Are you sure you want to delete this image? #ROUTER NON_UNIQUE_CAT=The category name: '%s' is not unique. Please contact the site administrator to solve this issue. NON_UNIQUE_ITEM=The item title: '%s' is not unique. Please contact the site administrator to solve this issue.