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News : September 17 07:06:24 PM
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 on: Today at 05:48:43 PM 
Started by Rhandy - Last post by Moonstone
No problem!

I think one problem is that people are used to navigating to the album they want to upload an image into, THEN look for the upload link.  However, RSG2 doesn't work that way.  A lot of users on my site had a problem with this, as well.  I had to post a tutorial for the people that couldn't figure it out.

Hopefully RSG2 changes this so that it's a bit more intuitive in the future.

 on: Today at 04:55:27 PM 
Started by greenmeanie - Last post by greenmeanie
Find it weird no support at all here?
Installed Version 2.00.0

 on: Today at 04:53:42 PM 
Started by Smoothound - Last post by greenmeanie
Same here doesn't give an error but they can't delete from the front end.

 on: Today at 02:20:48 PM 
Started by Tom Grieve - Last post by Tom Grieve
Client called - cannot get Gallery to show up on PC in Explorer 7 (maybe other versions too)... I have duplicated the issue - but don't know what is causing it.

Site is here:

Any ideas?


 on: Today at 10:28:24 AM 
Started by Giannis - Last post by Giannis
I have installed rs 2 gallery on a joomla 1.0 site and i m having problems with the presantation at the main page of the component.
Everything works fine except from the preview of the random and latest photos below the galleries view.
Below each photo where it should show something like: Uploaded 17-09-2020 i get this:


Any ideas whats wrong?
Thank you!

 on: Today at 08:15:30 AM 
Started by Rhandy - Last post by Rhandy
 Roll Eyes I should be Blind! Lol

 on: Today at 06:14:33 AM 
Started by Ronald Smit - Last post by Ronald Smit
This topic has been moved to RSgallery2 modules and plugins (mambots).

 on: Today at 02:17:25 AM 
Started by Tanya C - Last post by Tanya C
problem solved Smiley

i had to comment out

 on: September 16 10:54:45 PM 
Started by Tanya C - Last post by Tanya C
hi again Smiley

umm, i seem to be having a problem, as we had to move the site to a new server and such, the config file is correct and all that fun stuff, however, i cant get the larger images to show


when i view source, i see this as part of it

  <div align="center">
                    <div id="highslide-container">
                                <img id="thumb1" src="<br />
<b>Warning</b>:  imagedestroy(): supplied argument is not a valid Image resource in <b>/home6/majorca1/webs/</b> on line <b>791</b><br />" alt="Alcudia" border="0" width="400" />

 on: September 16 08:06:22 PM 
Started by Rhandy - Last post by Moonstone
Look for a link called 'My Galleries' on the top right of the RSGallery2 top page.  It's sort of like a user control panel.

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