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  Tuesday, 14 October 2020
Language translation
Written by Daniel Tulp   
Wednesday, 08 November 2020

RSgallery2 supports an ever increasing number of languages. These language files are, for the most part, not created by the core devs team, but by users like you.

How it works

Somewhere in the component text needs to be displayed. A call to a language constant is then inserted into the sourcecode: <?php echo _RSGALLERY_TEXT; ?>. To attache a certain text string to this constant, definitions are made in a language file: DEFINE("_RSGALLERY_TEXT", "This is the text");.

Automatically, Joomla! selects the language file corresponding to the language of the website as it is defined in the configuration. If the language in question is not present for RSgallery2, it defaults to English.

How to translate

First, take a look at the language forum. There might already be a complete or partial language file that you can use.

If there is no file, create a duplicate of the english.php.  The most current english.php can be found at:  Download this file, rename it to the english name of the language you are translating to, or example, french should be french.php (not francais.php), and translate the text (leave constant names in tact).

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If there is a file that is partly translated, you can do the same as in the previous case, but now use the allready translated definitions in the partly translated file to make the process a bit easier.

Please use the ordering that is used in the english.php file, as this will pay off in future updates, this is not an obligation though.

After translating, check to see if the file works. Setting the level of error reporting to maximum in the Joomla! configuration (on the Server tab) is usefull, as most errors in language files show up as notices.


To make the translations as good as possible, we do have a few rules.

  1. Comment block
    The comment block at the beginning of the language file should not be altered as altering it, does interfere with the generation of API documentation. The comment block should look like this. The red and bold items, you can change, but leave the block structure intact. 
    * English languagefile for RSGallery
    * @version $Id$
    * @package RSGallery2
    * @copyright (C) 2003 - 2006 RSGallery2
    * @license GNU/GPL
    * @author John Doe < This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it >
    * RSGallery is Free Software
  2. License
    RSgallery2 is GNU/ GPL, this means that every part of the component needs to be GNU/ GPL in order to accomodate changes and additions. This also goes for the translation files. Language files with other licenses then GNU/ GPL will not be added to the component.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 August 2020 )


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