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  Friday, 07 November 2020
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Known development issues
Written by Ronald Smit   
Tuesday, 26 December 2020

ibs symptoms

In order to keep everybody up to speed on the development process, a list of known issues is kept here. It is not necessary to post any bug reports on these issues, as they are already under investigation.

- Page navigation in the frontend.[Fixed]
- Download link does not work properly. No valid images are downloaded.[Fixed in SVN 636]
- ACL on gallery creation does not work yet [Working since SVN 511]
- Watermarking only works with GD2 and only on display image.[Now also works on original image when shown in popup]
- IE7 bug when clicking on Tab.[Presumably fixed with upgrade to Joomla 1.0.12]
- Some backend buttons do not work.
- Consolidate database is not able to write image details into the database.
- When you delete or move images, the limitstart variable is altered[Fixed]. Consequences:
    - Braeadcrump trail image name not correct
    - Modules will not link to the correct image

This list will be updated on a regular basis. 

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 August 2020 )


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