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  Monday, 27 October 2020
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Written by Daniel Tulp   
Sunday, 11 November 2020

You can see all available files at the file release page at JoomlaCode.  Click a release name below to download it.  Sometimes a release is available as zip and bz2 (a better compression method), if in doubt click zip.

The Component

The component contains the core functionality of RSGallery2.  Upgrading is easy, here are the upgrade instructions.  If you have special template needs, ensure these work in the latest release before updating your production site.

RSGallery2 2.0.0 beta1

This is our latest version for Joomla! 1.5 in native mode. If you use Joomla! 1.0.x please use version 1.14.3.
If you have used an older version of RSGallery2 make sure you backup your gallery before you upgrade to this one.




RSGallery2 1.14.3 Production Alpha

This is our latest production alpha for Joomla! 1.0 and Joomla 1.5 (with Legacy Mode).  Most features are considered stable.  High traffic sites should use some sort of caching.  The previous production alpha was 1.13.2.  Download: md5 2b82a87455e957fc6319690b7c78bab5 sha1 eba7ab04b15852d7cf2319eedd7bf36b3af2fb6c

com_rsgallery2_legacy_1.14.3.tar.bz2 md5 287a0e7fbddac24dc798432bcce9ef73 sha1 220bbef93809544c31d9fd7aa3f8e37aabc1742c

View Changelog

Nightly Builds.  Get what the developers are working on, use with caution.



Below are various extensions that you can use with RSGallery2.  Some extensions work in both Joomla! 1.0 and 1.5, while others do not and have been marked with J1.5 or J1.0 accordingly.

The RSGallery2 team encourages 3rd parties to extend the world of RSGallery2. Please feel free to ask questions about the development in the Developers Lobby and have a look at our outdated API documentator.


Plugins (formerly Mambots)

rsgallery2_searchbot 1.0 - J1.0 only.  Searches gallery items.

plg_rsg2_display_0.8 - J1.0 only.  Insert any gallery with any template into any content item. This is probably the coolest plugin, check out the demo.

plg_rsg2_display_2.1 - J1.5 only. Insert any gallery with any template into any content item.



Templates change how a gallery appears to your site visitors.  You can download templates and install them with the Template Manager in RSGallery2 (NOT the Joomla! Template Manager).  More templates will be added as people create them.

  • MicroMacro - J1.0 only.  Display an entire gallery tree on one page.  Uses overLIB and Lightbox2.
  • SuperClean - J1.5 and J1.0.  Only image thumbnails with Lightbox2 popups are displayed.
  • XSPF - J1.5 and J1.0.  Displays a gallery of MP3s for download or streaming with the XSPF player.



mod_rsg2_toddFlash 1.0 (zip, bz2) - Shows a simple flash based fade effect slide show of a gallery. Untested, may not work.  Use plg_rsg2_display instead.

DT^2 RSGallery2 Extensions

One of the RSG2 developers, Daniël Tulp, maintains a number of modules available at the DT^2 project page, also found here:

These do not work with 1.14.0 yet! 

mod_rsg2_scroller_1.0.7 - Gallery scroller module.

mod_rsg2_slideshow_1.2.2 - Simple slideshow module. 

mod_rsitems_1.4.2 - One of the first modules out for RSGallery2.

Parth module

A 3d carousel module.

Download requires registration:


Third party extensions 

These are extensions created outside of the official RSGallery2 project and are not officially supported.  However you can still discuss and troubleshoot them on our forums.

Community builder plugin

There was basic RSG2 plugin for CB made, we have a copy available as part of the nightly builds.  A forum post exists to discuss this plugin.


mirjam has been maintaining sh404SEF files for RSGallery2.  You can download the latest version for RSG2 1.14.1.  There is a local discussion thread.

Artio JoomSef

sef_ext files for Artio JoomSef.

Joomfish xml files

The Joomfish xml files have been updated to work with 1.14.0 thanks to Michael Ulrich

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 August 2020 )


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