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  Monday, 27 October 2020
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1. Changelog
This is a non-exhaustive but informative changelog for
RSGallery2, including alpha, beta and stable releases.
Our thanks to all those people who've contributed bug reports and
code fixes.
* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note
---------------- Recent ----------------
---------------- 1.14.3 alpha -- svn 642 -- 2021-02-13 -------------
2021-02-13 Jonah Braun
 * Only admin or superadmin can delete comments now.
 + Added config option to show/hide Search box.
---------------- 1.14.2 alpha -- svn 644 -- 2021-02-11 -------------
2021-02-11 Jonah Braun
 + Languages updated for this release include: Dutch, German, Hungarian, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Greek, Polish, French, Italian.
2021-02-02 Jonah Braun
 # added missing Itemid to random image links. thanks: mirjam
2021-02-01 Jonah Braun
 # description at top of gallery is now gallery description and not always component text
2021-01-22 Jonah Braun
 # added Itemid to image links
---------------- 1.14.1 alpha -- svn 584 -- 2021-01-18 -------------
2021-01-14 Ronald Smit
 + Cleaned up maintenance section
 + Added language strings for maintenance section in english.php
2021-01-03 John Caprez
 + added WYSIWYG editor in MyGallery
 # fixed permissions for gallery creation in MyGallery
2020-12-26 John Caprez
 + added new template installer for J1.0 (template parameters are accessible through $this->params)
 # fixed some css issues
 + added voting permissions by gallery (see sql/upgrade_1.14.0_to_1.14.1.sql for neccesary database changes)
2020-12-20 Jonah Braun
 # Fixed uninstalling rsgTemplates in J1.5
 ^ Slideshow option only shows when more than one item is present.
2020-12-17 Ronald Smit
 + Added Zoom Gallery Migrator
 + Added description to lightbox++ popup
 + Added border and dropshadow to thumbs
2020-12-16 Ronald Smit
 + Added language strings
 + Added Lightbox++ popup to replace Highslide
2020-12-11 Ronald Smit
 + Started repairing Migration Option
 + Added Migration for Pony Gallery ML 2.4.1
 + Added Basic Search option for images
 ^ Cleaned up some code
 ! Only Pony Gallery Migration is working! Rest will follow
2020-12-07 Ronald Smit
 + Cleaned up admin.rsgallery2.php
 ^ Changed Control Panel to actually use the config class.
 + Removed batchupload from admin.rsgalelry2.php and moved to images.php
 ! I tagged a lot of functions to delete. After review they will be cleaned up.
2020-12-05 John Caprez
 # fixed bug in commenting
 ^ italian language file
2020-12-03 John Caprez
 # consistent pagination troughout all frontend 
2020-12-01 John Caprez
 # special char issue solved
 # improved PHP4 compatability
2007-11-26 Ronald Smit
 + Added new slideshow option, called slideshow_parth
 + Added switch in backend to select the slideshow option.
 ^ Cleaned out some obsolete backend stuff
2020-11-23 Ronald Smit
 + Added Maintenance section to the backend
 + Added Optimize tables, Regenerate thumbs and Consolidate database.
 ! Consolidate Database is not complete yet.
 ! Language strings not added yet.
2020-11-23 John Caprez
 # Gallery and item page navigation running parallely are handled propperly now
2020-11-20 John Caprez
 + New template manager for J1.5 (J1.0 will have same template manager as before)
 ^ Updated most links to have & replaced by &
 + Added option to order thumbnails by date/name/rating/hits/default ascending or descending
 # unpublished items do not appear in random, latest and gallery thumb anymore
2020-11-18 Ronald Smit
 + Added EXIF configurable support to front- and backend, without need to have EXIF compiled into PHP
2020-11-15 Ronald Smit
 - Cleaned out display.class.php of both meta and semantic.
 ! Ready to remove tempDisplay from metatemplate. Last testing.
2020-11-15 Ronald Smit
 ^ Step one of the complete rewrite of My Galleries.
 ^ Moved all My Galleries related code into new library, called mygalleries
 ! Not finished yet. Marked all obsolete functions with X, deleting will follow after testing.
2020-11-15 John Caprez
 # Corrected SQL query to match data type when adding or editing gallery in front end.
2020-11-14 John Caprez
 # Recognition of file extension is now case insensitive. caused "wrong file format" error. 
---------------- 1.14.0 alpha -- svn 374 -- 2020-11-12 -------------
2007 Jonah Braun
 + Major updates to core functionality
 ^ Items are generic and no longer assumed as images.  Basic support for MP3 added.
 + Many objects are now cached resulting in a significant performance boost
 + Templating is more robust and powerful
 - Removed template Tables.  Use Semantic instead.
 - Removed or deprecated much legacy funcitonality
 ^ Moved J1.5 backport code to the J15Backort project
 ! Thanks to the many other contributers from the community
2020-10-30 John Caprez
 ^ Made semantic template XHTML compliant.
 ^ Modified j15backport to allow script and style inclusion to head section (XHTML compliance)
 ! Style inclusion is buggy in J1.5RC3 wil be fixed in J1.5RC4
 + Added mootools files to j15backport include folder
 ^ Using mootools instead of overlib for tooltips
 - Various PHP warnings
2020-10-29 Daniel Tulp
 ^ change script.js to script.php for language constant usage
 + added language constants
2020-10-20 John Caprez
 ^ process all url in semantic template with sefRelToAbs
2020-10-20 John Caprez
 # Fixed double sefRelToAbs on gallery name url
2020-10-19 John Caprez
 - removed border attribute from images for XHTML compliance
 # fixed access check for registered users
2020-09-22 Ronald Smit
 + Completed voting system
 + Added backend settings for voting
 + Added language strings for commenting and voting to front- and backend
2020-09-19 Ronald Smit
 + Added voting class to SVN
2020-07-05 Ronald Smit
 + Added fille joomla15.php and included this in init.rsgallery2.php
 - Removed all J15 mimicing out of init.rsgallery2.php
2020-06-23 Jonathan DeLaigle
 - Removed pattemplate usage from admin config
2020-06-17 Ronald Smit
 + Added delete option to frontend commenting system
2020-06-11 Ronald Smit
 + Added fullblown commenting system, based on BBCode.
 ! Requires database changes from file upgrade_1.12.2_to_1.13.2.sql
2020-06-06 Jonah Braun
 + added template photoBox
 # fixed meta tags.  rsgDisplay->metadata(); must be called from the templates index.php.
 - removed JPATH_RSGALLERY2_TEMPLATE, multiple templates can now be used on the same page.
---------------- 1.13.1 alpha -- svn 41 -- 2020-05-24 -------------
2020-05-24 Daniel Tulp
 ^ Added language definitions to english.php
 ^ Replaced hardcoded strings with language definitions
2020-05-23 Jonah Braun
 # Fixed undefined imageUploadError by moving the class to file.utils.php.
 ^ Added note to watermarking advising it is not to be used on production sites.
2020-05-21 Jonah Braun
 # Altered microMacro template to use image titles instead of filenames.
2020-05-20 Ronald Smit
 + Added move images function to backend image manager
---------------- 1.13.0 alpha -- svn 25 -- 2020-05-18 -------------
2021-05-04 Jonah Braun
 + added template Super Clean
2021-04-27 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed frontend ZIP-upload routine.
2021-04-02 Jonah Braun
 ^ templating system modified, approaching finished state
 + added templates: Tables, Simple Flash, debug_ListEverything
2021-03-24 Jonah Braun
 ^ moved config functions to new rsgOption config
 + added access check to certain functions
 ! only admin and super admin can access config, migration, uninstall and db debug features
2021-03-24 Daniel Tulp
 + Added new language definitions to english.php
 ^ Replaced hardcoded text strings in code with new language definitions
2021-03-24 Ronald Smit
 + Added allowed filetypes to config area
 - Removed some obsolete code
2021-03-23 Jonah Braun
 ^ db optimize: changed count(*) to count(1)
 + modified utils architecture for multiple file type handling
2021-03-22 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed presentation error not filling out gallery block in single view.
2021-03-20 Jonah Braun
 + gallery xml output and templating system
 + Todd Dominey's free flash slideshow
2021-03-17 Ronald Smit
 + Added Reset hits option in backend
2021-03-11 Ronald Smit
 ^ Rewritten FTP upload routine
 ^ Rewritten parts of template system to ease use of galleryblocl templating
 # Added core of customized galleryblock layout to templating system
2021-03-08 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed HTML tags in frontend thumbs and display image
2021-03-02 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed pathway support
 + Added download link
 # Fixed switch for status icons
 # Fixed clickable thumbnails in main gallery page
2021-03-01 Ronald Smit
 + Added better upload size checking.
2021-02-27 Ronald Smit
 + Added gallery details in frontend
 + Added owner name of gallery to frontend representation
2021-02-26 Ronald Smit
 + Added option to change owner of gallery in backend
2021-02-24 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed missing pagination in frontend
 ^ Moved footer out of template
2021-02-23 Ronald Smit
 + Added box option in template $tpl->showMainGalleries('box').
 + Added readable error statements when uploading files.
2021-02-21 Ronald Smit
 ^ Rewritten batch upload system. Should be more stable now.
 ! Error trapping is not complete yet!
 # Fixed show random/latest not switchable from backend
 # Fixed missing slideshow link.
2021-02-20 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed bug in template system when tabs are not activated.
2021-02-19 Ronald Smit
 + Added template file for display image
2021-02-18 Daniel Tulp
 + Added html editing functions dor templating system
 ^ Altered CSS editing functions to work with templating system
 - removed CSS edit button on cpanel
2021-02-18 Ronald Smit
 + Added transparency to Watermark text, including backend settings.
2021-02-17 Ronald Smit
 + Added templating system for frontend.
---------------- 1.12.2 alpha -- svn 587 -- 2021-02-13 -------------
2021-02-14 Ronald Smit
 # Removed shadow borders around thumbs due to issues in some browsers.
2021-02-12 Jonah Braun
 ^ fixed 1.11.0 to 1.11.1 upgrade bug
 ^ fixed slideshow bug, thanks Alex Boone
 ^ fixed gallery thumbnail list in Gallery: New/Edit when no images are present
2021-02-11 Ronald Smit
 + Added option to select watermarking font
2021-02-08 Ronald Smit
 + Fixed frontend problem in IE with new CSS borders.
2021-02-07 Ronald Smit
 + Added nice CSS border around thumbs and display image
2021-02-01 Jonah Braun
 # added fix for possible hardcoded table prefix for #__rsgallery2_acl
 ^ rewrote upgrade version detection because of existing logic flaw
2021-01-30 Jonah Braun
 - removed method calls in complex syntax to support older php versions
2021-01-29 Ronald Smit
 ^ Reformatted the Configuration tabs, using fieldsets to organize for cleaner look
2021-01-28 Daniel Tulp
 ^ Limitbox default value can now be set by administrator and limitbox can be turned off/if/on
2021-01-27 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed bug where uploading images with "Keep Original Images" set to No, goes wrong.
2021-01-26 Jonah Braun
 ^ Finished rsgConfig.  Ready for general use now.
2021-01-25 Jonah Braun
 # Fixed init.rsgallery2.php so that it can be used inside modules.
2021-01-21 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed faulty version detection upon install with multiple Joomla installation in one DB, causing upgrade on a non-existing installation.
2021-01-21 Daniel Tulp
 + Added missing language constants to english.php
 ^ Converted hardcoded text strings to new language constants
 # Removed not needed inclusion of the configuration.php file in rsgallery2.html.php
2021-01-20 Ronald Smit
 + Added filecount in frontend including subdirectories
 + Added showing thumbs from subgalleries also in random setting.
2021-01-14 Ronald Smit
 + Added possibility to select gallery thumbnail from top or subgalleries
2021-01-08 Ronald Smit
 + Added status feature for galleries. It shows a number of status icons.
 + Added backend switch for status icons
 + Added tooltips to the status icons
2021-01-07 Ronald Smit
 + Added "Create Database Entry" option within the Consolidate Database functionality.(Limited for now, one image at a time)
 # Fixed frontend upload bug.
2021-01-06 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed consolidate database bug, not creating missing images.
 # Fixed error in call to deleteImage in img.utils.php
 + Added watermarking to popup image.
2021-01-05 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed error when using FTP upload
 # Fixed not working Save button in frontend gallery creation.
---------------- 1.12.1 alpha -- svn 530-- 2021-01-04 ----------------
2021-01-04 Jonah Braun
 # fixed 1.12.0 to 1.12.0 upgrade bug
 ^ changed upgrade detect and migrate routines
 # fixed minor error in upgrade_1.11.10_to_1.11.11.sql
 # fixed pat-Error when viewing configuration
2021-01-04 Ronald Smit
 + Added error checking to FTP upload.
 + Added some global variables for the imagepaths in init.rsgallery2.php.
2021-01-03 Jonah Braun
 # fixed paging bug for old version of php
2021-01-03 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed upload bug with open_basedir restrictions.
 # Fixed bug in backend upload sequence where empty file fields generate errors.
---------------- 1.12.0 alpha -- svn 520-- 2021-01-03 ----------------
2021-01-02 Jonah Braun
 # fixed unpublished gallery showing bug
 + added missing pagenav for frontend gallery listing
2021-01-02 Ronald Smit
 + Added advanced ordering for View Images screen and View Galleries screen
 + Added more information in the mouseover within View Galleries (Title and description)
 # Fixed wrong reference to upgrade SQL in install class file.
2020-12-29 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed frontend delete gallery bug.
 # Finished ACL into the frontend gallery creation process.
2020-12-22 Ronald Smit
 + Implemented images class
 + Rewritten single file uploads
2020-12-20 Ronald Smit
 + Added new images class and upgrade script for DB changes
2020-12-18 Jonah Braun
 + added option to show image names under thumbnails
 + added gallery description to gallery view
 # fixed false db record entry on new image import fail
2020-12-16 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed bug not being able to delete image from the frontend.
 # Normalized tables a bit more.
2020-12-15 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed bug overwriting user ID when editing gallery details in backend
---------------- 1.11.11 alpha -- svn 489-- 2020-12-12 ----------------
2020-12-12 Jonah Braun
 + cleaned up initialization, created init.rsgallery2.php
2020-12-6 Ronald Smit
 + Added upgrade SQL for ACL support
 + Added upgrade option in install.class.php
 # Fixed some small bugs in Titleblock in frontend
 # Fixed array_combine() error for PHP 4.x
2020-12-5 Ronald Smit
 + Added ACL support for uploading, editing and deleting images from frontend
 + Added new icons for frontend filelist
2020-12-4 Ronald Smit
 + ACL enabled gallery select dropdown box for image upload in frontend.
2020-12-3 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed last JPATH_ issues
 # Fixed sefRelToAbs error in backend. As the class is used in both front- and backend, removed it from the class and introduced it into the frontend where needed.
2020-11-21 Ronald Smit
 + Defined RSGallery2 globals out of Joomla 1.5 globals (
 + JPATH_RSGALLERY2_SITE(frontend absolute path to component directory) and JPATH_RSGALLERY2_ADMIN(Backend absolute path to component directory)
2020-11-16 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed error using rsgAccess on accessing main gallery page
 # Fixed strange characters while unzipping a file in /media
 + Added switch options for My Galleries and Create Galleries in backend
2020-11-13 Jonah Braun
 # fixed big for multiple gallery delete
2020-11-13 Jonah Braun
 + recursive gallery deletion now works properlly; deletes all sub galleries and images
 # minor fix to ACL class
2020-11-12 Ronald Smit
 + Added some extra functionality to the ACL class.
 # Fixed some backend upload problems.
 + Added ACL switch to backend control panel and removed some unused user switches.
2020-11-10 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed bug in frontend layout, because of div problems
 # Fixed bug with display image not beeing generated on upload
 ^ Changed code for warningbox, making it easier and smaller.
2020-11-08 Ronald Smit
 + Option in backend to select No popup, normal popup or fancy popup. Defaults to normal to avoid errors in IE6
 + Added corresponding language variables to english.php
 # Fixed reordering bug as mentioned by Borislav
2020-11-06 Daniel Tulp
 ^ Simplyfied chinese, Greek language, French, Russian, Italian, Dutch, German, Polish language files have been updated through the course of weeks
 ^ Hopefully last hardcoded language strings have been removed 
2020-11-06 Ronald Smit
 ^ Started introdcuing Joomla 1.5 globals in backend to prepare for migration already
 ^ Cleaned up some unused code in backend.
2020-11-04 Ronald Smit
 + Added deletion of images not in the database in the Consolidate Database function.
 + Added checkboxes to Consolidate Database function (Not working yet!)
2020-11-09 Jonah Braun
 ^ Updated Czech language.  Thanks David Zirhut
 # partially cleaned up toolbars.
2020-10-31 Ronald Smit
 # Fixed upload error in backend, stating "invalid argument supplied in foreach()"
 + Added extra replace check for 
for HTML gallery description. 2020-10-30 Ronald Smit + Added HTML support for the gallery description. 2020-10-29 Ronald Smit + Save and update routine for Access Control implemented + SQL statement for #__rsgallery2_acl added to rsgallery2.sql (commented out for now) 2020-10-28 Ronald Smit + Added permissions HTML to New/Edit Gallery Screen + Added some functions to access.class.php ---------------- 1.11.10 alpha -- svn 393-- 2020-10-26 ---------------- 2020-10-26 Daniel Tulp ^+ Total language translation complete # Added a lot of Itemid's to links 2020-10-24 Jonah Braun + added classes rsgGalleryManager, rsgGallery and rsgAccess for improved galleries handling. not yet complete. + added frontend function listEverything to test aformentioned features 2020-10-20 Daniel Tulp ^ Traditional Chinese language update by Sun Yu (Meto Sun) 2020-10-18 Daniel Tulp + added italian language file ^ changed francais.php to french.php and file is now completely translated + added Edit CSS feature 2020-10-15 Daniel Tulp + Greek language file added (by Charis) ^ Brazilian Portuguese language file updated 2020-10-15 Ronald Smit # Fixed frontend notice "Undefined property: showdownload" in frontend # Moved download button to bottom of display images, to prevent layout problems ^ Replaced download class with leaner script. Now works in all browsers. 2020-10-14 Ronald Smit # Fixed backend control panel toolbar buttons in upload and batchupload ---------------- 1.11.8 alpha -- svn 366-- 2020-10-14 ---------------- 2020-10-11 Ronald Smit + Added download link to display image. User can set show/hide in Configuration Area ! Download option does not show correct filename in Opera. 2020-10-05 Daniel Tulp ^ Changed all links in frontend to SEF urls ^ Help content is now available (basic RSgallery2 use) 2020-10-05 Ronald Smit + Added download class to config.rsgallery2.php to facilicate downloads 2020-10-05 Jonah Braun ^ updated Polish and Norwegian. Thanks: Zbyszek Rosiek and Ronny Tjelle 2020-10-04 Ronald Smit + Added page navigation to main gallery page. + Added Highslide image popup for display image 2020-10-03 Jonah Braun + added Really Uninstall option. only for *nix and default image directories at this point. 2020-10-02 Jonah Braun # fixed installer compatibility bug for MySQL 3.x and 4.0.x # fixed multiple sql file upgrading bug 2020-10-01 Ronald Smit # Fixed upload issues from backend and added field validation and MosToolbar support # Fixed My galleries link showing up when it was disabled in background. Thanks to Daniel! # Fixed the use of single and double quotes in Introduction text of RSGallery2. 2020-09-28 Daniel Tulp + added traditional Chinese language. thanks Sun ^ changed dutch translation credits ---------------- 1.11.8 alpha -- svn 331-- 2020-09-22 ---------------- 2020-09-21 Ronald Smit # Fixed image description bug, thanks to "Thundernail". + Added upgrade routine for extra field in #__rsgallery2_galleries 2020-09-19 Ronald Smit # Fixed upload bug, refering to nonexistent isAllowedFileType function 2020-09-15 Ronald Smit + Added support for selectable thumb image for front end gallery view. Only possible in backend for now. + Added version.rsgallery2.php with version information class for better version checking and upgrading # Fixed Overlib error in backend 2020-09-13 Ronald Smit # Fixed single file upload bug in backend + Updated rsgallery2.xml to reflect addition of norwegian.php 2020-09-12 Jonah Braun + added Norwegian translation. thanks: Steinar Vikholt ---------------- 1.11.7 alpha -- svn 317 -- 2020-09-12 ---------------- 2020-09-11 Ronald Smit ^ Completely rewritten rsgallery2.php and rsgallery2.html.php + Created class galleryUtils in config.rsgallery2.php and moved all relevant functions in there ^ Cleaned up config.rsgallery2.php + Added page navigation to imagelist in My Galleries 2020-09-02 Ronald Smit + Added fileHandler class to clean up zip-handling and ftp-handling ! Upload system does not work through class yet, except ZIP-upload in backend. 2020-08-31 Ronald Smit * Fixed variable initialization to support Register Global Emulation to be set to Off 2020-08-29 Ronald Smit + Added the option to create square thumbnails in stead of proportional thumbs 2020-08-27 Ronald Smit # Fixed user uploads settings. My Galleries shows up now according to settings in background. 2020-08-26 Ronald Smit + Added Consolidate Database routine. Report generation, generate missing images and delete from database all work now # Watermarking works with gif now 2020-08-20 Ronald Smit # Fixed "font not found" error while using watermarking + Added font directory and arial.ttf file 2020-08-08 Jonah Braun * disabled commenting if commenting turned off ---------------- 1.11.6 alpha -- svn 299 -- 2020-07-21 ------------------ 2020-07-21 Jonah Braun # fixed gallery add/edit toolbar bug ---------------- 1.11.5 alpha -- svn 298 -- 2020-07-20 ------------------ 2020-07-20 Jonah Braun + added view changelog feature for frontend (must be in debug mode) ^ eliminated RSG2 path, Joomla path used now. thanks: Jeckel # fixed gallery thumbnail + Joomfish bug. thanks: Carsten Nikiel 2020-07-20 Jonah Braun + backend pathway hack when using $rsgOption # fixed category name display in pathway. thanks: Brad Waite # fixed category name display in category listing. thanks: TonyW 2020-07-09 Ronald Smit + Basic Watermarking added, only jpg for now and only on the display image 2020-07-04 Jonah Braun ^ updated spanish translation ^ updated french translation ---------------- 1.11.4 alpha -- svn 285 -- 2020-06-29 ------------------ 2020-06-29 Jonah Braun * hardened language files + added Spanish translation ---------------- 1.11.3 alpha -- svn 280 -- 2020-06-29 ------------------ 2020-06-29 Dani� Tulp * secured rsgallery2.html.php against possible execution of arbitrary code. 2020-06-16 Jonah Braun ^ default name for image is now filename minus extension ---------------- 1.11.2 alpha -- svn 0272 -- 2020-06-13 ------------------ 2020-06-13 Jonah Braun # fixed gallery filter and move options in Manage Images # replaced config.rsgallery2.php:showCategories2() with galleriesSelectList(). this fixes various bugs when selecting a gallery ---------------- 1.11.1 alpha -- svn 0269 -- 2020-06-08 ------------------ 2020-06-08 Jonah Braun # fixed bug where 1.11.0 created #__rsgallery2_cats by mistake on new installs ---------------- 1.11.0 alpha -- svn 0269 -- 2020-06-08 ------------------ 2020-06-07 Jonah Braun + new galleries integrated. sql migration script added. + added the new RSG2 logo. Congrats to Cory "ccdog" Webb for winning the contest! 2020-06-02 Jonah Braun + CZECH language 2020-05-26 Jonah Braun + new galleries prototype now available. this should not interfer with the old categories...yet. 2020-05-23 Jonah Braun # MacOSX zip files with resource fork information now work ---------------- 1.10.14 alpha -- svn 0244 -- 2021-05-12 ------------------ 2021-05-12 Jonah Braun + install.class.php now can use sql files for install/imports. admin:sql/rsgallery2.sql is the sql install file. 2021-05-10 Kaleb Stolee + akogallery migration now works. ---------------- 1.10.13 alpha -- svn 0234 -- 2021-05-04 ------------------ 2021-05-04 Jonah Braun ^ streamlined install routine. upgrades are now done without asking. 2021-04-28 Dani� Tulp + Itemid variable added, Itemid of component is now used throughout the gallery 2021-04-20 Jonah Braun ^ backend gallery listing now unlimited. this is a kludge, overall still buggy ---------------- 1.10.11 alpha -- svn 0215 -- 2021-04-17 ------------------ 2021-04-17 Themba Mdakane ^ made frontend branding optional 2021-04-17 Jonah Braun + added german and brazilian portuguese ---------------- 1.10.10 alpha -- svn 0211 -- 2021-04-15 ------------------ 2021-04-15 Jonah Braun + added raw config editor + added class rsgGallery along with improved gallery editing, WYSIWYG support to come soon + new options for thumbnail display: float and table ^ made Purge Everything more thorough 2021-04-10 Jonah Braun + added new credits tab to the control panel ---------------- 1.10.9 alpha -- svn 0201 -- 2021-04-08 ------------------ 2021-04-08 Jonah Braun # many small bug fixes # version number is accurate after upgrading ^ frontend gallery thumbnail display made better, not finished yet though... ^ backend config updated ---------------- 1.10.8 alpha -- svn 0195 -- 2021-04-04 ------------------ 2021-04-04 Jonah Braun ^ changed control panel to be more consistant with Joomla!s. + added admin.rsgallery2.css + added View rsgConfig, this will become a raw configuration editor for debuging # version number now accurate after an upgrade 2021-04-01 Jonah Braun # added missing quotes to russian translation # fix for ftp upload from,com_simpleboard/func,view/id,487/catid,3/ ---------------- 1.10.7 alpha -- svn 0185 -- 2021-03-24 ------------------ 2021-03-23 Jonah Braun + thumbnail and other frontend bits rewritten in semantic html and css 2021-03-23 Jonah Braun + gallery listing rewritten in semantic html and css ---------------- 1.10.6 alpha -- svn 0174 -- 2021-03-04 ------------------ 2021-03-03 Jonah Braun + Netpbm rewrite complete. works for all supported image types. ^ fixed artf3775: category reording fails ---------------- 1.10.5 alpha -- svn 0171 -- 2021-03-04 ------------------ 2021-03-02 Ronald Smit # ZIP-upload for frontend fixed # Category creation in frontend is fixed ^ Voting and commenting is now possible anonymously ^ Thumbnail in gallery main screen is now showing with right dimensions 2021-02-28 Jonah Braun ^ fixed artf3053: saving config says fails but actually saves + added view changelog feature 2021-02-24 Jonah Braun ^ streamlined installation, there is now one less step. + migration plugin arch is now functional 2021-02-23 Jonah Braun ^ instances of "settings" renamed "config[uration]" ---------------- 1.10.2 alpha -- svn 0146 -- 2021-02-15 ------------------ 2021-02-15 Jonah Braun + GD2 and ImageMagick now support all common web image formats. 2021-02-12 Jonah Braun + added changelog.php, imported previous changelog.txt - removed changelog.txt ---------------- 1.10.1 alpha -- svn 0136 -- 2021-02-11 ------------------ 2006-01 Ronald Smit + rewrote installation and migration routines ^ component, files and database tables renamed to rsgallery2 2006-01 Jonah Braun + rewrote all image utility functions. currently only JPEG with the GD2 library supported ---------------- 1.9.5 alpha -- 2020-10-13 ------------------ 2005-10 Jonah Braun ^ cleaned img.utils.php + rewrote imgUtils::makeThumb() 2005-10 Ronald Smit + Rewritten and completed FTP upload code + Rewritten saveConfig to match new values in settings.rsgallery.php + Added extra field to match $thumbpath in settings.rsgallery.php + Populated latest images and latest categories in Control Panel ---------------- 1.9.4 alhpa -- 2020-10-08 ------------------ 2005-10 Jonah Braun ^ moved is_uploaded_file() check from importImage() to calling function 2005-10 Ronald Smit + ZIP upload rewrite complete + Added recent images and recent categories overview in Control Panel ^ Rewritten some toolbar layouts 2005-10 Tomislav Ribicic + added changelog.txt ---------------- 1.9.0-4 alphas -- 2005-09 ------------------ 2005 Jonah Braun + major reorganization of code ----- RSGallery2 for Joomla! started by Tomislav Ribicic, Jonah Braun circa. 2020-08-17 ----- ----- Maintaince and enhancements by Andy "Troozers" Stewart, Richard Foster ----- ----- Original RSGallery for Mambo created by Ronald Smit circa. 2021-03-01 ----- 2. Copyright and disclaimer --------------------------- This application is opensource software released under the GPL. Please see source code and


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